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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 23, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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please stay with us. states. philly new york boston bracing for storms tonight. the power lines, the transformers blowing. twisters caught on tape. homes destroyed. from kansas to michigan to ohio we're on the scene, where they say it's a miracle everyone survived. ginger with the track for tonight, city by city. an abc news exclusive. the swrid owe emerging of one of the escaped convicts just as authorities tonight now say the fugitives could be armed. breaking news. a mistrial. the young football players convicted, accused of attacking a female student scene on cell phone. their conviction, thrown out. and the major recall tonight, bottled water. the stores and the states. we have the list.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. as we come on the air tonight, multiple tornadoes and now millions ss this evening from d.c. to philadelphia under severe thunderstorm and tornado watches. the system bringing powerful tornadoes. this one on the side of the road there in edgington illinois. drone footage from michigan, and you can see what's left inside of those bedrooms. a supercell in missouri. and meteorologist ginger zee tracking the radar at this hour. this system is moving fast. abc's alex perez in the town where they've just determined it was an ef-3 tornado. but first abc's gio benitez in the northeast, where the system is hitting right now. >> reporter: after pummeling the midwest tonight, severe storms taking aim at the northeast. high winds uprooting large trees and downing power lines near pittsburgh. watches and warnings tonight from virginia to maine. as this system moves east at
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this hour. so we're on a highway right now in new jersey and it is really coming down. take a look right now outside. experts say the moments right after it starts raining can be dangerous because the water mixes with oil on the road making your car slip and slide. across the midwest, at least eight confirmed tornadoes, carving a path of destruction. >> there it is, tornado right in front of us! >> reporter: in illinois city, a massive wedge tornado, an ef- 2, with winds up to 120 miles an hour heading straight for stormchasers. sparks fly as utility poles rock in high winds. >> power lines are going down! >> reporter: in portland michigan you can see from above, this was an ef-1 tornado, with winds over 100 miles an hour. tossing this semitruck against a local goodwill store. dozen office calls to 911, reporting people trapped. >> the goodwill store is collapsed? >> yes, the roof fell in and
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there was a family in there with some kids. >> reporter: thankfully all were rescued and none were hurt. sue burns' roof -- sucked right off her house. >> i had beams flying at me and i just hit the ground. >> reporter: here in new york city and across the northeast, millions of commuters will be making their way home tonight under the threat of severe weather. david? >> gio, thank you. we want to get to illinois. they have just determined an ef-3 tornado. winds up to 160 miles an hour. and this is what they faced. is on the scene in coal city. >> look it, look it! >> reporter: frightening tornadoes ripping through parts of illinois in minutes. in hard-hit coal city the reality setting in. was about 10:00 monday night when the storm roared in. >> we have significant damage throughout the whole town here. >> reporter: entire blocks in this town of about 5,500, decimated. >> just cars upside down, trees on houses. >> reporter: kenny and hilary huston scrambling to the crawl
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space of their home for safety. >> all the glass just exploded like a big vacuum and then our ears popped and boom. >> reporter: when they emerged, their roof, gone. >> illstill a little bit in shock. >> reporter: the national weather service tonight confirming an ef-3. rescue crews worked through the night. several people trapped in a house, gas main is ruptured. getting all residents to safety. here in coal city it's the second damaging tornado in less than two years. >> it's a miracle, frankly, when you see the devastation that there were no deaths. >> reporter: and there are many homes here just like this one inside a complete disaster. the roof completely peeled away here. debris everywhere. the cleanup has already started, but it's going to take awhile. david? >> we're just glad everyone is okay. alex thank you. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee and the new track tonight. >> reporter: brand new pictures i've just seen coming in. trees down flash flooding.
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washington, d.c. and baltimore under severe thunderstorm warnings. and yes, all within that watch, you can see on the map there. that tornado watch in new england, we've seen spinups on the radar. and here's the deal with this thing. it's fast. the next two hours, the brunt of it. for most of us it's gone by midnight. and back west there are storms firing in parts of missouri eastern nebraska along that same warm front. tomorrow this looks familiar. the same area that got hit yesterday. >> all right, but a tough couple of hours ahead. ginger thank you. now, to major developments tonight after that horrific shooting during a bible study in charleston. new images tonight show suspected gunman dylann roof taken into custody. after that tip from a good samaritan. and tonight, major retailers from amazon to walmart now revealing what they'll do when it comes to selling the confederate flag. abc's linsey davis now.
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>> reporter: tonight, this new video of police closing in on the most wanted man in america. guns drawn, they approach his car. he's been on the run for roughly 13 hours now. his picture plastered across tv screens. >> confirmed it is the suspect from the charleston shooting. >> reporter: dylann roof doesn't struggle as they pull him out, handcuff him and pat him down. inside the car, a pillow covering a glock 45 handgun. the 21-year-old led away loaded in a police cruiser. >> i'm en route to the pd with that subject. >> reporter: officers then taking a moment to celebrate with fist bumps and high fives. and now roof seen in pictures proudly waving the confederate flag has renewed the debate over whether it should still fly on the grounds of the state capitol. today, hundreds rallied to take it down. the governor agrees. state legislature now taking the first step. but not everyone is on board. one state senator telling me lawmakers already dealt with the
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flag issue years ago when they voted to remove it from the top of the capitol dome. >> the issue's been settled. it was settled in compromise. the flag was moved from the dome to there, that's that. it's settled. >> reporter: but sometimes things have to be revisited, though, right? >> listen. when the legislation took this up and settled it, it was settled in my book. okay? thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. it's unclear just how many lawmakers will agree with him. but outside south carolina today, things are changing. walmart, sears, ebay etsy and now amazon all announcing they'll no longer sell merchandise with the stars and bars. earlier today on amazon demand for confederate flags with sales up nearly 9,000%. david. tonight, an abc news exclusive sheer, in the case of the convicted killers on the run. haunting new video. one of the suspects there, months before he killed. inside the mind of a killer tonight. tonight, we have also learned how the woman, the prison
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worker accused of helping them escape may have smuggled tools into the prison. where she hid them. authorities say in the ground beef. just as investigators also tonight release a chilling new warning. the convicts may now be armed. abc's linzie janis with the reason why. >> this is my friend ricky matt right here. he's a freaking crazy lunatic maniac. >> reporter: tonight, a rare glimpse inside the mind of a killer. richard matt, in 1997 before his first murder. helping an acquaintance test a blow gun. >> ricky with a smile. >> i loaded it for you. >> he loaded it, he's ready. >> reporter: today, as the hunt for the convicts intensifies. prosecutors tell me prison worker joyce mitchell helped them escape by smuggling them tools in ground beef. >> she advised us that she had taken the hacksaw blades placed them into hallburger and then a correction officer would bring it into inmate matt. >> reporter: that officer, gene palmer now on leave.
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his lawyer today speaking with abc news. >> mr. palmer did deliver the hamburger meat, but he did not know that the hamburger meat had contraband inside of it. >> reporter: today, tillie mitchell's husband lyle tells nbc news he was shocked to hear his wife was allegedly involved and may have even wanted him dead. >> he threatened herinside the jail. >> reporter: the search for the killers tonight focusing on the area around a hunting cabin where police discovered their dna on food. the cabin owned by haunting club whose members include many corrections officers. david, police are now interviewing every one of those officers. they're worried the killers may have found guns in those cabins or others and may now be armed. david? >> linzie janis, thank you. now, to a chilling 911 call to the father of this 19-year-old in north carolina. the young man arrested in an fbi
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sting. accused of plotting to kill 1,000 americans. allegedly planning a major attack at a concert or other venue. turned in by his own father. that father growing suspicious and you're about to hear why. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the fbi says justin sullivan is an isis supporter, who was plotting mass murder including killing his own parents. sullivan's father outside court, struggling to understand. >> did you know any of this was going on? >> no. >> reporter: but it was his emotional 911 call released today that set this months-long investigation. >> i don't know if it's isis or what but i come home and he's destroying buddahs and figure reads and burning stuff in the house. >> reporter: the son can be heard in the background. >> i didn't destroy just the buddahs. i destroyed a lot of things. why are you trying to say i'm a terrorist? >> reporter: according to the fbi, justin sullivan laid out a chilling plot to kill as many as
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1,000 people. first using an assault rifle at a bar or concert. then graduating to a bomb in a u-hall. sullivan allegedly told the fbi it was all just talk but david, he's the sixth suspected isis sympathizer arrested in the last week alone, as the fbi continues a nationwide sweep before the july 4th holiday. >> pierre thomas in our washington bureau tonight. pierre, thank you. we have late developments this evening, in a case that made national headlines. two young football players con visitinged of sexually assaulting a woman. the judge late today declares a mistrial. abc's mara schiavocampo tonight. >> reporter: mistrial. tonight, a tennessee judge throwing out the rape conviction convictions of two former vanderbilt university football players after learning one of the jurors failed to reveal he himself was a victim of sexual assault. >> we the jury find the department defendant corey batey
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guilty. >> reporter: brandon vandenburg and cory batey were convicted of aggravated rape and other charges in january, accused of bringing an unconscious victim to vandenburg's room after a night of heavy drinking in june 2013 where she was sexually assaulted. allegedly taking cell phone photos and video with the unconscious victim. >> i remember waking up in an unfamiliar room. i was sore all over. >> reporter: at the mistrial hearing last week, the juror saying he didn't think his prior experience was relevant. >> that had been sort of inconsequential at this time in my life. >> reporter: adding he had voted based on the evidence. evidence that a new jury may now have to consider. >> and mara is with us now. the question is is there a guarantee there will be a new trial? >> reporter: prosecutors tell us they will ask for a new trial for as soon as possible. as for the defendants, they have a bond hearing to determine if they'll be released while they wait for the new trial. >> mara thank you. now, to the new chapter tonight in deflategate. tom brady flashing a smile as he
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headed into nfl headquarters to appeal his four-game us pepgs. the man in charge nfl commissioner roger goodell, seen hugging brady in happier times. goodell will personally handle brady's appeal despite calls for goodell to recuse himself. some had argued a conflict of interest. we have new details tonight after that deadly balcony collapse in berkeley california. six students many of them exchange students from ireland, tumbling four stories to their depth at a 21st birthday party. officials confirming the cause of that collapse severe dry rot in the wood that was used to make that balcony. tonight, there is also growing concern over that bottled water recall. 14 brands in nearly a dozen states after feerms of e. coli. abc's rebecca jarvis now on what you need to look for on your water bottle. >> reporter: tonight, bottled spring water, potentially contaminating with e comely. bottles from 14 brands including shaw's shoprite and
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wegman's. after bottling company niagara was alerted to a positive indication of e. coli at one of their spring water suppliers in pennsylvania. and took immediate action even though there were no reported cases of illness linked to the water. nigh yoog gra says they do regular testing of their own and have found no contaminants. so how do you know if the battle you're reaching for is e affected? look at the manufacturing code. codes ss on affected products begin with the letters f and a, with dates between june 10 and june 18. >> a lot of bottled water here. what are we looking for? >> reporter: you are looking for an a or an f. the dates june 10th through june 18th. if you have any concerns just bring it back to the store to be safe. >> great advice rebecca, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the serial shooter on the loose along a stretch of american highway. about tonight, four shooters
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now. authorities on which ones are linked and now new pictures coming in of a car police want everyone to pay attention to. also ahead, the famous dad inside this police car, accused of taking a kettle bell to his son's coach. and anyone who saw "titanic" remembers this scene right here. why this scene is suddenly back in the news tonight. it's something you will all remember. with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? you know, if you play football for a long time like i did you're gonna learn to deal with alot of pain.
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♪ ♪ it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative. especially when it's miralax. it hydrates, eases and softens to unblock your system naturally so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. next tonight, to colorado and new developments here in the hunt for a suspected serial shooter, now four shootings, only some of them officially linked. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: two shootings on the same night, now connected by one mysterious truck. >> the pickup is one color, faded orange, and has black primer on the driver's side body. >> reporter: investigators believe this '70s-era pickup was involved first in a shooting in loveland colorado, june 3rd. no one was hurt but later that night, and only two miles away
6:48 pm
65-year-old william connole shot and killed blocks from his home. >> there's a male right on the sidewalk, not breathing, he's bleeding uncontrollably. >> reporter: a task force including the fbi is now hunting for clues that may connect the loveland shootings to others. april 22nd cori romero survives a gunshot wound to the neck driving along interstate 25. may 18th cycleist john jacoby is shot twice and dies in the town of windsor. >> there is still no direct indication of a direct link between those two incidents and the two incidents in loveland. >> reporter: but david, they is why investigators say they need the public's help. they've now upped the reward to $20,000 hoping that breaks the case. >> clayton, thank you. when we come back here tonight, we remember a famous tv dad. also we have exclusive video coming in, the great white spotted along a popular american beach tonight. we'll tell you where. and the famous music mogul, the father accused of attacking his son's coach. tonight, revealing his side of
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to the index. the death of former white house chef water sheed. the medical examiner says the cause of death was drowning. his body found in new mexico near a hiking trail. he served under presidents clinton and george w. bush. laura bush calling him, quote, an outstanding talent. the clintons remembering him for making a difference in people's lives. exclusive footage to the first great white of the season spotted off cape cod. 15 feet long there, from above
6:53 pm
there. i think they're going to need a bigger boat. and sean combs, the music mogul known as diddy. he was charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly attacking one of the coaches of his son's football team with a kettle bell. tonight, diddy's rep calling the accounts of what happened wholly inaccurate saying diddy was trying to protect himself. we do have a passing to note tonight. one of america's favorite tv dads dick van patten. he told diane in 2002 his tv family wasn't a second family but a continuation of his own. he was 86. when we come back here tonight, take a look. this one scene here and the remarkable talent who made this moment possible. we'll be right back. thanks for calling angie's list. how may i help you? i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed?
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finally tonight here the small plane crash, family and friends waiting for official word on a beloved oscar-winning composer who likely did not survive. tonight here, we honor his work. as so many await official word already tributes honoring james horner's music. two oscars for "titanic." ♪ he once said "my job is to make sure at every turn something the audience can feel with their heart." there was "field of dreams." ♪ >> maybe this is heaven. ♪ >> you are all my -- >> reporter: a beautiful score in "a beautiful mind." ♪
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the moment a life was honored. there was "braveheart." >> but they'll never take our freedom! >> reporter: liftoff for "apollo 13." ♪ >> reporter: and the journey in "avatar." ♪ incredible music of james horner. thank you for watching on a tuesday. i'll see you first thing in the morning on "gma" with my pal robin. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a graduate student in history, from somerville, massachusetts... an office manager from mesa, arizona... and our returning champion a student from naples, florida...


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